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19 Jul

Emergency Tax Explained

Your employer is obliged to operate emergency tax on your income in certain circumstances. When is emergency tax applied? Emergency tax is used by an employer when the employer has not received: a Tax Credit Certificate (TCC) for the current year your current year or previous year Form P45from you you have given the employer a

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29 Jun

Registering your new employment with Revenue

With the onset of the summer holidays a lot of students may be starting employment for the first time.  Changes to PAYE services with Revenue means the responsibility to register for income tax and notify revenue of your new employment lies with you the employee. When you start working for the first time (even if

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23 Jun

Changes to Revenues PAYE Services.

PAYE Anytime service is no longer available. This service was first released back in 2005 and could not be easily accessed on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. You will now be able to do all your PAYE business online in the enhanced PAYE Services in myAccount which can be accessed on all mobile

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20 Jun

Revenue raise objections on Co-op shares test case

Revenue officials have raised an objection to the farmer involved in the test case for the appeal against tax demands on co-op patronage shares. Deloitte have sought clarification from the State body on the reasons behind the move. Farmers have been concerned at being left in a state of ‘limbo’ after Revenue issued tax demands

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07 Jun

SUSI and Your Income Tax Return

While most people will focus on the 31st October 2017 for their 31st December 2016 Income Tax Return, those intending on applying for a student grant through SUSI will need to prepare their Income Tax information much earlier, as this information will be required as part of the application. The closing date for new applications for the

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26 May

CRO – Mandatory Electronic Filing

The Companies Registrations Office will introduce Mandatory Electronic Filing from 1st June 2017 for the following forms:    B1 – Annual Return (including financial statements and electronic payment)    B2 – Change of registered office    B10 – Change of director and/or secretary, or a change in their particulars    B73 – Nomination of a

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11 May

Tralee Enterprise Town

Casey Stephenson Accountants were well represented at Bank of Irelands’  Tralee Enterprise Town event on May 5th & 6th at Tralee Sports Complex. Chris Murray and Myra Sheehy were representing the company on Friday evening and met Gavin Duffy and his wife Orla Carmody. Gavin even took a selfie and gave some marketing tips. On Saturday Elma Walsh

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05 May


Benefits you obtain from your employment which are cash-convertible are taxed as income. Benefits-in-kind, such as private use of a company car, free or subsidised accommodation and preferential loans, received from an employer, by an employee whose total remuneration (including benefits-in-kind) is €1,905 or more in a tax year, are taxable (subject to certain exceptions).

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28 Apr

Registering for tax when starting up a new company

Firstly, you need to register the company with the Companies Registration Office and once you receive your CRO number you should advise Revenue that you are setting up a company. If you are represented by an accountant/agent, your accountant/agent will be required to submit an on-line application on your behalf using the Revenue Online Service

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