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20 Sep

Who should register for self-assessment?

As we approach the deadline for submitting your 2016 Income Tax Return we remind you who should be filing an income tax return, this is done through Revenues self-assessment system.  Self-assessment is where you make your own assessment of the Income Tax, Universal Social Charge (USC), Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI) and Capital Gains Tax you

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15 Sep

Wishing the Kerry Minor Team all the best in Sundays All Ireland Football Final.

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12 Sep

Income Tax Returns

Contractors, landlords, taxi drivers, tutors, consultants, small business owners and proprietary directors, are among those required to file an income tax return.  Filing income tax returns may be frustrating but it’s important to get them right. Many people find the process confusing and as a result, miss out on tax relief because of simple mistakes.

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11 Aug

Tax Relief on Tuition Fees

Tax Relief on Tuition Fees The rules governing tax relief on monies paid to colleges are very restrictive and in most cases the relief available is minor.  An individual can claim tax relief on fees paid for Third Level courses in respect of any person as long as he or she has paid the qualifying

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09 Aug

Claiming Entitlements – Four Year Rule

If you are entitled to additional tax credits or reliefs that you have not yet claimed, you should claim your entitlements on a timely basis. The rule in Ireland is that, if you are looking for a refund of tax paid, you must make an application within four years. If you were making a claim

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02 Aug

Changing your business to a Limited Company

If you are a business owner operating as a Sole Trader but you are considering incorporating as a Limited Company then there are some points to consider. Every business owner has different long-term goals and lifestyle plans. As your business is your source of income, the decision to incorporate is one that will be heavily

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21 Jul

Holiday Home Rental Income

The summer holiday season is now well underway.  If this is your first time providing holiday accommodation then you need to be aware that you need to file a tax return declaring the rental income you earn.  Income tax must be paid on the profit you make on renting out your property and this is

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19 Jul

Emergency Tax Explained

Your employer is obliged to operate emergency tax on your income in certain circumstances. When is emergency tax applied? Emergency tax is used by an employer when the employer has not received: a Tax Credit Certificate (TCC) for the current year your current year or previous year Form P45from you you have given the employer a

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