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02 Nov

Revenue extend deadline for Upload of List of Employees

PAYE Modernisation Update Today (02/11/2018), Revenue has extended the facility for all employers to upload their List of Employees. Due to high levels of employers uploading their employee details this week, employers who have not yet uploaded their List of Employees, have been given more time to carry out this important preparatory step for the

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01 Nov

Preliminary Tax

With the deadline looming for filing Income Tax Returns many people may be confused by the need to pay Preliminary Tax.   Preliminary Tax is your estimate of Income Tax and related charges payable by you for the following tax year.   Essentially when you file and pay your income tax liability for 2017 you must also

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10 Oct

Budget 2019

n Tuesday October 18th, Minister Pascal Donohue announced Budget 2019.  Laura Dillon, Head of Taxation presents this years Budget Highlights of the changes proposed.  Laura can be contacted with any queries you may have relating to  the measures outlined. Email:

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05 Oct

Budget 2019 – what we can expect

Budget 2019 arrives at a time when Ireland’s economic outlook is bright.  When Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe announces his second budget in the Dáil on Tuesday, 9 October, safeguarding our progress and insulating our economy from future shocks and global threats will be essential. While it is still uncertain exactly what will be announced

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01 Oct

Introducing Laura Dillon, Head of Taxation

Casey Stephenson Accountants are delighted to announce the appointment of Laura Dillon as Head of Taxation.. Laura holds a BA in Law and Accounting from UL and a Master of Accounting from NUI Galway.  She is an associate of Chartered Accountants Ireland and an associate of the Irish Tax Institute.  Laura has both practice and industry

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20 Sep

Income Tax Returns

Contractors, landlords, taxi drivers, tutors, consultants, small business owners and proprietary directors, are among those required to file an income tax return.  Filing income tax returns may be frustrating but it’s important to get them right.  Many people find the process confusing and as a result, miss out on tax relief because of simple mistakes.

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23 Aug

Tax Relief on Third Level Fees

The rules governing tax relief on monies paid to colleges are very restrictive and in most cases the relief available is minor. An individual can claim tax relief on fees paid for Third Level courses in respect of any person as long as he or she has paid the qualifying fees. Qualifying fees means tuition

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13 Jul

List of Employees

In advance of PAYE Modernisation, Revenue is requesting all employers submit a List of Employees to Revenue through the online system (ROS). This facility will be made available on a phased basis throughout 2018.  Employers will be notified when it is available to them. In advance of this it is important that employers compile their

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